White Rope

‘No Funeral’ LP

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‘No Funeral’ the first full-length from Brooklyn shock rock trio White Rope.
Eight songs written in the spirit of turning around and watching your life turn to salt.

Haunted, heartsick lovesongs swallowed up in arena-drenching guitar chords, hammer-heavy drum fills and ghastly organ blaring.
Music for the bloodless vampires inside us all.

Dedicated to those who have come before us: Dante, Dracula & Dale Earnhardt.


Brooklyn shock rockers recruiting young boys.
Living and dying hideous and unlovable, crying in front of strangers, removing sweat-soaked rubber gloves and applying makeup in a filth-covered bathroom.

White Rope formed in Manhattan in 2013 and played their first shows at the legendary Death By Audio in Brooklyn. Founding members Eric Jimenez (Guitar) and Alec Lambert (Keyboard, vocals) were joined by Mike Birnbaum (Drums) and played their first show together at Bowery Ballroom with Diarrhea Planet.

The band spent the first half of 2017 writing and recording ‘No Funeral.’ Eric Jimenez acted as principal songwriter, with Mike Birnbaum drumming and producing the entire record, and Alec Lambert providing lyrics and vocal melodies.

In June 2017 White Rope embarked on a nine day ‘Lovelorn Goth Darkness Across America’ tour through the American south ultimately landing them in Music City, U.S.A. where they lost their fangs in a seedy tattoo parlour.

The band set out on the ‘Fangs Across America’ tour in April 2018 and completed the ‘Three Tragedies’ tour in October.

‘No Funeral’ is available on CD 01.24.19

‘No Funeral’ 

    track listing:  
1. Immortality
2. Thumbs Down
3. Clocktower
4. Darkness Falls
5. Witness
6. Eclipse
7. The Inferno
8. I’m Not Warm

Band Images

‘Sematary’ photos by Erin Hughes

White Rope at Blackbird Tattoo Parlour in Nashville, TN. 7.1.17
Photographs by Amber Davis


Previous Releases

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Tour Flyers

‘Lovelorn Gothic Darkness Across America’ Tour, August 2017

The ‘Fangs Across America’ Tour, April 2018

The ‘Three Tragedies’ Tour, October 2018

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